Our line-up of speakers at our inaugural event was fabulous! Check back for information on speakers for our upcoming events.

Davy McAlinden – Global Director L&D, Axiom Law – “Can you Measure Leadership? (And why do we get this badly wrong)”
Sinead Carville – Exectutive Director HR, FinTrU – “Big Bold Brand”
David Trainor – CEO, Sentireal – “Virtual Reality – HR’s Practice Ground”
Shauna Collins – HR Director, Catalyst Inc – “Strap in… We’re Going to Mars!”
Jamie Gordon – Marketing Student, Ulster University – “5 Things a Young Careerist Wants From the Workplace”
Sandra Wright – HR Business Partner, RBS/Ulster Bank – “The Robots are coming …… but are they after our jobs?”
Glenda Nelson – Lean in Leader / LHH Penna – “She Means Business – What really works when developing female leaders?”
Philip Brady – EMEA Learning Advisor, Citigroup – “From Courses to Campaigns.”
Jim Berrisford – Global Head of Engagement and Partnerships, Rezoomo – “Stop the Tail Wagging the Dog – How to manage your recruitment relationships like training a new puppy.”
Paul Furey – CEO, Paul Furey Ltd – “5 HR Budget Wasters You Should Bin Now”.

David McAlinden

Global Director of Learning and Development, Axiom

TOPIC: Can you measure leadership? (And why do we get this badly wrong)

See Davy’s talk here.

Davy is the Global Director of Learning and Development at Axiom. Axioms Global L&D team are based in Belfast and are responsible for the learning and Development of 2,000 people in 19 locations in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Prior to Axiom, Davy was an accountant with the Northern Ireland Assembly and since leaving in 2006 has worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Client Training Group managing training programmes in the UK, Ireland, Caribbean and the Middle East.

In 2013 he was one of the first Programme Directors appointed to the newly formed William J Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s University Belfast providing executive training and business skills training to leadership teams throughout the UK and Ireland.

In this talk Davy explores a new paradigm for how we should evaluate leadership: how organisations should separate rewarding performance and leadership, and the practical steps we can take to create a leadership mindset in our organisations.

David Trainor

CEO, Sentireal
TOPIC: Virtual Reality: HR’s Practice Ground

See David’s talk here.

Dr. David Trainor is the CEO of Sentireal, who produce software that delivers personalised training and guidance using immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). He is working in training areas across a variety of industries, including medical, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and hospitality.

David is currently A Co-Chair of the VR/AR Association’s industrial committee on Training. He has led engineering teams and companies for over 25 years and has a deep interest in finding new ways to improve the performance of his teams and those of his clients through appropriate use of cutting-edge technologies.

In his talk, David shares insights into the exciting world of Virtual Reality and how HR can benefit from this engaging and interactive medium, with an emphasis on learning and development.

Sinead Carville

Executive Director, Human Resources, FinTrU
TOPIC: Big Bold Brand

See Sinead’s talk here.

A Chartered Member of CIPD, Sinead has over 13 years’ experience in operational and senior HR leadership roles within retail, technology and financial services organisations. At FinTrU, Sinead is a member of the Operating Committee and is responsible for designing and delivering FinTrU’s HR strategy to support business objectives.

As Executive Director of HR at FinTrU, Sinead was part of developing and communicating FinTrU’s employer brand and employee value proposition to enable the fast-paced growth they have achieved. At Disrupt HR Sinead will shared her experience of FinTrU’s disruption of the Financial Services market in Belfast.

Philip Brady

EMEA BCMA Learning Advisor, Citigroup
TOPIC: From Courses to Campaigns: How engaging employees and leaders in conversations can nudge behaviour change, even at scale.

See Philip’s talk here.

Philip is the EMEA Learning Advisor for Banking and Capital Markets in Citi and previously worked as the EMEA Leadership Development Programme Manager.

Philip facilitates leadership and management programmes across EMEA and coaches on senior leadership programmes.

Jamie Gordon

Marketing student, Ulster University
TOPIC: 5 things a young careerist wants from the workplace

See Jamie’s talk here.

Jamie Gordon studies Marketing at Ulster University and is currently on his placement year. He has been using the time well, exploring different businesses to gain experience across a multitude of industries in a relative short period of time. His placement year started with recruitment marketing at WPR Technology, expanded to copywriting and digital marketing at Sync NI, and is continuing with an exciting position at Glaze Digital.

Jamie deftly balances his career and academic responsibilities, and he’s planning on continuing to work during his final year of university alongside studying. Not only has he maximised his placement year by cramming in three unique industrial experiences in barely more than a year; he has also been named the top marketing student for both his first and second years of study, while also making the Dean’s List two years in a row. This bright young careerist represents the driven new wave of workplace initiates and aims to share what it is that makes for a great working life for the modern 20-something.

Jamie offered his insights into what the next generation of employees think about the world of work. Looking at 5 key areas that are important to Gen Z and how organisations can best to attract and nurture furture talent.

Shauna Collins

HR Director, Catalyst
TOPIC: Strap in….. We are going to Mars!

See Shauna’s talk here.

Shauna is the HR Director at Catalyst, a community that integrates top research talent, world-class innovation infrastructure and a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Shauna is responsible for all things people and leads the HR strategy on company culture, talent acquisition and retention, and performance management.

Executives spend so much time and focus on who we are (brand) and what we do (strategy) but not nearly enough time on how we do things (culture). If we know that culture is key for positive business outcomes – why do we keep getting it wrong? This is a snapshot of how Catalyst learnt from our mistakes and stopped trying to set organisational values but went on a journey to discover and align. So strap in…we are going to Mars!

Shauna graduated with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in Advanced Human Resource Management.

Paul Furey

Founder, Paul Furey Ltd
TOPIC: 5 HR Budget Wasters you Should Bin – Now

See Paul’s talk here.

Paul partners with organisations to translate their strategy into actual behaviour.

Paul has been involved in the field of behaviour and culture for over 30 years. His BSc. in Psychology from UEL included a study into the impact of assertive and submissive behaviour. He was awarded his PhD. by Brunel University in 1995 for his research into the development of a conflict resolution model for call centres.

He is a frequent blogger on applied psychology and runs regular interactive webinars on a variety of practical topics. With the support of a great creative team, he produces popular animated 3-minute videos on key leadership topics.

In his talk, Paul discussed how HR departments all over the world, in all sizes of organisations waste budget, time and hope on futile activities that do not help organisations in their mission. Here are 5 things that HR leaders must give up in order to really move the needle.

Glenda Nelson

Regional Client Manager LHH Penna, Lean In Circle Leader
TOPIC: She Means Business – What really works when developing female leaders?

See Glenda’s talk here.

Glenda is Regional Manager for LHH Penna in NI, partnering with companies to develop their people so that they perform to their full potential.

Glenda has successfully built strong client relationships with companies on a global scale as well as indigenous NI organisations.

Glenda is a leader of the Senior Executives Lean IN circle – a movement focused on helping women achieve their ambitions and which works to create an equal world. She is actively involved in the third sector as a non-Executive Director of Every Day Harmony a charity that provides clinical music therapy across NI.

In her talk, Glenda shared how to effectively improve the female leadership pipeline, based on research and insight on what really works.

Jim βerrisford

Global Head of Engagement and Partnerships, Rezoomo
TOPIC: Don’t let the tail wag the dog – How to manage your recruitment relationships like training a new puppy

See Jim’s talk here.

Jim has over 20 years of insights into the world of recruitment and talent attraction. He is currently the Global Head of Engagement and Partnerships for Rezoomo.  Rezoomo is, Your Talent Attraction Hub – Three core talent attraction, engagement, and management tools in One Platform.

Prior to joining Rezoomo, Jim ran βerrisford Associates, a people and technology consultancy. Jim has also run and owned recruitment agencies, worked as an Interim head of talent attraction, written  blogs for Chat Talent and Recruitment International. Jim was the Regional Director for the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) for Northern Ireland, and was elected by the members to join the REC Council.

In his talk, Jim explored the impact on recruitment agency relationships and how to manage to help both talent attraction and candidate experience.

Sandra Wright

HR Business Partner, Ulster Bank
TOPIC: The Robots are coming …….. but are they after our jobs?

See Sandra’s talk here.

Sandra is an award winning senior HR leader with over 20 years of HR experience in consultancy and industry. She holds a degree in Psychology and Masters in Occupational Psychology as well as postgraduate qualifications in counselling. She works in Royal Bank of Scotland performing a number of HR roles across the group including Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland.

She was named HR Manager of the year in the Leadership & Management Awards in 2016 and LGBT Ally of the year in the 2018 GNI Awards. She is married to Paul and has an 11 year-old daughter Roisin

At DisruptHR, Sandra shared how using robotics/ artificial intelligence can free up HR professionals to focus on higher value add activities for the business.